Save money and save the planet:

Replacing your water heater with a super-efficient heat pump

A San Mateo County Guide

If you live in San Mateo county, there are now fantastic rebates that help you to swap out your current gas water heater for a super-efficient electric heater. This will save you money every year and very substantially reduce your global warming emissions.

This really is a remarkable opportunity, as federal and local rebates have just gone way up, but they may not last forever. PG&E gas prices have increased by 37% in the past year and are are likely to go higher. Now may be the best time ever to save your money and our planet by switching.

Interested? Here’s where to go next:

Costs, Savings, Rebates

How much will it cost, how much will I get in rebates and credits, how much will I save each year?


How much carbon emissions will this really save?

About Heat Pump Water Heaters

How do these things work? What's to like or not like about them?

'Natural' Gas

Why natural gas is nasty, not clean, and is surprisingly bad for your health as well as deadly for the planet.

How to do it

Finding a contractor, picking a water heater, installation decisions.

When to do it

Wait until the old one breaks or do it now?

Getting Advice

How to get free advice from experts and from your own neighbors who have already electrified.


Varied questions we hear about the whole process.



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